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Super Junior - K.R.Y. ♡

「 Super Junior - K. R. Y. 」
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Click for full discography on K.R.Y.!

1.Posts must be Super Junior - K.R.Y. related. Meaning, posts can be about Super Junior so long as one of K.R.Y. members are somehow involved.

2.No bashing of the members within this community and the members of Super Junior K.R.Y.

3.Pictures larger than 400px in width must be placed underneath a cut. Posts containing more than large picture must also be placed underneath a cut. If you don't know whether or not the pictures you have are large; take a look at your journal, then the community layout and make a judgement from that.

4.Graphics (icons, wallpapers, layouts, banners, etc.) are always welcome! :)))) Community layouts will be up for grabs only when we've changed to a new one.

5.Fanworks (fanart and fanfiction) are welcomed here, as well. So long as Kyuhyun, Ryeowook or Yesung is one of the main characters.

6.Posts containing any sort of media (songs, MVs, news clips, etc.) are to be friends locked. Posts that aren't locked will be deleted.

7.When posting articles, downloads, etc. you must credit your source (i.e. soompi).

8.Do not advertise your community here unless it is somehow related to Super Junior K.R.Y. and Super Junior. Please e-mail envoler before advertising anything, because I may end up just deleting your post.

9.Introduction posts (Hi! My name is *insert one here*~) is allowed on the condition that you have something to share with the members (pictures, downloads, etc.)

10.Have fun~! 8DDbb (okay so I wanted 10 rules to make it even, but it works~ ;DDD)♥

->envoler | Natalie (Creator)
->withcoffee | Kara
->sketchglitch | Brooke
->suju_t Super Junior Trot
->super_leader Eeteuk
->superhankyung Hankyung
->prince_kyuhyun Kyuhyun
->supajunia Super Junior Downloads
->eternalmagnae Ryeowook
->evil_jongwoon Yesung

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